Child obesity drive 'stalled by Brexit'

Slow progress is being made on junk food advertising restrictions and calories labelling, it is claimed.

Do you know the hygiene hot spots in your home?

Where and when you should be cleaning to avoid infections and illness in your family, according to experts.

Residents in care homes 'missing out on dental care'

Inspectors warn care homes and the NHS to do more to look after the teeth of vulnerable residents.

Aneurin Bevan: Trusts apologise after death of NHS founder's great-nephew

The great-nephew of Aneurin Bevan died after a delay in him being offered radiotherapy.

Hundreds more cases in Shropshire baby deaths review

New cases are understood to include still births and baby deaths in the final stages of labour.

Gambling addiction clinic to help addicts aged 13 to 25

The first National Problem Gambling Clinic, offering support to people aged 13 to 25, is set to open.

Power and endurance training 'key to all-round fitness'

Blend of strength and endurance training makes team sport players the fittest of all, a study finds.

Dwarfism drug aims to boost healthy growth

Nine-year-old Sam is taking part in a trial of a new drug researchers hope can boost healthy bone growth.

Vaccines: Do they wear out? And other questions answered

Prof Beate Kampmann answers your questions on vaccines and the risks of not immunising children.

Vaccinations were a major issue in the 2018 elections

Fake news is fuelling the anti-vaccine movement and one government's attempt to get children vaccinated may be making it worse.